If you’re a tactical dad on the go, carrying your newborn or infant is like carrying precious cargo – you want to make sure they’re secure in a soft structured carrier. The baby’s weight needs to be evenly distributed in your carrier, so looking for tactical baby carriers that have features like a padded shoulder, a bottle pouch, and a comfortable buckle can ensure you and your infant are comfortable and safe.

Over the years, designers are creating products designed specifically with the dad in mind. They are using muted colors, rugged construction, and camo patterns. Most importantly, a structured carrier will ensure your baby, from newborn to toddler, is safe and secure.

The Top Tactical Baby Carriers For Men

These baby carriers are manly, durable, and rugged. They are designed for any dad who wants to spend time with his little bundle of joy. Most are in a black camo pattern and make the perfect gift that any dad would be proud to wear!

TBG Men’s Tactical Baby Carrier (8-33 lbs.)

The TBG tactical baby carrier is MOLLE compatible and works in conjunction with TBG accessories. It can be used for men or women – it is diverse. The design is very minimalistic and lightweight. It has an open back to allow air to flow freely when carrying your baby.

The carrier grows with your child with adjustable UTX buckles. Your child can either be forward or backward facing depending on how old they are. It also has a wider bottom to support the baby’s hips and lumbar area.

It contains a washable, removable liner and is composed of 600D tactical polyester.

model wear tbg mens tactical baby carrier isolated on white background


  • Good airflow/ventilation
  • Well-cushioned shoulder straps
  • Shoulder straps adjust for wide chest widths
  • M-shaped seat supports baby


  • No waist straps
  • The material is too thick
  • Not for heavier dads

Mission Critical S.01 Action Baby Carrier (8-35 lbs)

This baby carrier is designed to look and perform similarly to high-end outdoor gear. It is made for active fathers and their children. The carrier is designed with safety and durability in mind.

The back and front panels contain MOLLE webbing and are highly customizable. You can put anything in it for wherever you and your baby go. It pairs with the Mission Critical S.01 Action Daypack to provide more carrying space and to maintain even weight distribution.

Baby can face inwards or outwards. It is easy to wear and fully adjustable. It is made of durable 1000D nylon with sturdy straps. There is a breathable air mesh, a sun shield which packs into the carrier, and a washable, removable liner.

model carry baby girl with mission critical s.01 action baby carrier


  • Ergonomic
  • Designed for larger dads
  • Easy to remove child
  • Designed more for a man’s frame and body type
  • Place for keys and wallet


  • Doesn’t offer enough support
  • No waist supports
  • Baby seat is narrow
  • No height adjustment for the baby

Ethan Anthony’s Tactical Carrier (8-35 lbs.)

Ethan Allen’s carrier has a great high-quality, durable nylon construction and a cotton inside. The MOLLE webbing covers the front and back of the carrier.

The shoulder straps are completely breathable, and the back is fully reinforced and padded with durable buckles. It has a secure back with strong straps to keep both the parent and child comfortable for long periods of wear.

The carrier has an M-shaped sitting area which promotes leg, hip, and lumbar support for babies. It promotes proper circulation and helps the baby to maintain proper posture.

model carry baby with ethan anthonys military inspire baby carrier


  • Modern and stylish
  • Bottle holder
  • Windshield cap and two carabiners
  • Adjustable leg openings
  • Breathable
  • Edges are scratch-resistant
  • The liner is machine washable


  • The carrier holds baby’s arms out
  • Too square shaped

Most of the baby carriers for dads are carried around the shoulders rather than around the waist like those designed for mothers.

Differences Between the Carriers

Baby carriers for dads are built differently than a carrier for moms. Both are designed with safety and security in mind. The purpose of any carrier is to securely hold your child while allowing you to have your hands free.

Yet, there are a few features that differentiate between a mom and a dad carrier. Carriers for dads fit differently. They take body shape, shoulder width, height, chest, and waist measurements into consideration when manufacturing the product.

The colors are more masculine and are usually dark. They have industrial types of fasteners, and the fabric is usually vinyl and canvas.

For the most part, the carriers look different than the ones for moms.


The baby carriers for dad are darker and include greys, camouflage, and black patterns. The description of the colors also appeals directly to men by using terms such as “titanium grey” or “charcoal”.


Dad carriers contain words such as camo, tactical (referencing military) and mission critical. These words all describe the product.


Carriers designed for dads feel tougher and look sturdier than mom carriers. They are usually designed with tough fibers such as vinyl or canvas. Most of them have carabiners or extra storage for your keys and wallet.

How do Dad Baby Carriers Work?

Dad baby carriers have the same support system that mom carriers do. They both have ties, wraps, and harnesses for support.

As mentioned, the carriers for dads take into consideration the build of a man, like including some space for the chest and shoulders. Most of the previous designs were built for the female body, and did not take a broad shoulder and wide chest into consideration when designing a carrier. Thus, the existing carriers were not comfortable for many dads.

Things to Consider

adorable baby girl in a baby carrier in happy mood

While the differences mostly boil down to construction, there are a few things for dads to consider.

How it Fits

Purchase a carrier suited to your build and size. While sharing a carrier with your spouse may save money, sharing may cause fabric to stretch, and buckles may loosen. The baby needs to be placed securely against your chest without it feeling too restrictive in terms of movement.

Look for a carrier that adjusts across the waist, chest and shoulders for the best fit.


If you are planning on taking your child hiking, or wearing it for a long length of time, it should have more of an ergonomic design. Look for back support if you will be doing a great deal of standing or walking. There are carriers which have waist straps, or crossover back straps that will support the neck and shoulders.

Positioning of Child

The child should always be comfortable while in the carrier. The legs should be in the correct position so that hip problems do not occur when they are older. The carrier may need to be adjusted to suit your build. You want the fit to be tight, yet not terribly restrictive.

Age of Child

Children can begin riding in a carrier after they are three months old. It is not advisable to carry a baby in a carrier before they reach three months.

The reason for this is that the baby is unable to support its head at this stage. Their neck hasn’t developed enough strength yet. So, anything that does not support their head allows it to move, shift and wobble. This can lead to brain damage (same as shaking the baby) and other issues.

Always make sure the child can support their own head before placing them in a carrier.

There are carriers with inserts that you can use once the child is born. Make sure to properly check out the product before making a purchase to ensure your child’s safety needs are met.

There is also no set age that a child can be in a carrier. As long as both the parent and child are comfortable, they can remain in the carrier. Just be sure to watch the weight restrictions. If they surpass the restrictions, the carrier may be unsafe for both of you.

Find a Carrier to Suit Your Needs

The carrier should contain all the features that you need. If you need storage, look for one that has this feature. Maybe you want to go hiking with your child? Then you should choose one for hiking.

Also take into consideration how long you will be on your feet. Comfort and safety are the two top priorities when selecting a baby carrier. You should select one with an adjustable head/waist support so that your child is well supported and to make the journey comfortable.

Should I Invest in a Dad Baby Carrier?

If you can find one that you can customize to your body shape and that holds everything you need, then a Dad baby carrier is perfect. It won’t stretch, and they will conform better to your specific body type over one designed for both genders.

Carriers are better because they are designed to evenly distribute the child’s weight. Parents won’t put a strain on their shoulder or arm by lugging a car seat around which can become very tiring, very fast.

They are also more masculine and comfortable for men.

Babies also feel comforted and safe when being held. Baby carriers hold your baby close to you and allow you to be completely hands-free. This is great when doing shopping or running errands.

Baby carriers make life easier and more enjoyable because they allow you to take your children anywhere while remaining hands-free.

Dads are no longer left out of the equation when it comes to carrying their child. Baby carriers are designed with a frame and adjustable straps. Dads are now enjoying spending more time with their babies because they have found a product that is comfortable for them.

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