Nanobebe baby bottles are renowned for being the best bottle in several categories. Its design is the most unique on the market. Attention to detail and the research into its design easily make it a superior bottle over its competition.

Nanobebe stands out from its competition mainly due to its design. Most bottles have a nipple designed to mimic a mother’s breast. Nanobebe baby bottles are designed like a mother’s breast – they include both a nipple and a container.

The container is curved like a hollowed-out half-circle. While compact in design, the bottle is marked for ounces. The nipple allows for breastfed babies to open wider while feeding. Nipples are shorter and wider than their competitors. There are virtually no visible differences between breast and bottle.

Additionally, the bottles are easily stackable. Parents will appreciate the small footprint they leave in the fridge over other brands.

Nanobebe has won numerous awards for:

  • The Bump – Best Baby Bottle for Breastfed Babies
  • Parents – Best for Baby Award 2020
  • Time Magazine – Best Inventions of the Year
  • Business Insider – Smartest Baby Bottle Ever Made
  • CNN – Radical New Baby Bottle
  • Babycenter – Bottle With Secret Superpowers

Baby Bottles Come With a Variety of Features

When selecting a baby bottle, one needs to consider what it is being used for. Moms should select a bottle designed for a specific purpose. It should be tailored to their child’s needs. Selecting the right bottle involves examining what it is being used for.

First, is the baby being breastfed or formula fed? This makes a difference as not all bottles are designed the same. Some bottles are designed specifically for breastfeeding. Using them with formula can plug up the nipple or ventilation systems.

If a baby is breastfed, the best bottle is one with a wide nipple that mimics the breast closely. It should encourage proper facial mechanics while sucking. This eliminates nipple confusion. Switching back and forth between breast and bottle becomes seamless.

For both formula and breastfed babies, proper ventilation is key. Air can enter into the baby’s tummy, making them uncomfortable. Too much air causes gas, excessive burping, and can make the baby cranky.

Parents need to figure out whether to use glass, silicone, plastic, or stainless steel. Each one has different benefits.

Glass bottles do not release toxins. Yet they are more expensive and may shatter. Silicone is light, unbreakable, and does not have toxins. However, it may give off chemicals at extremely high temperatures. Choose a bottle that’s food-grade or medical-grade silicone.

Stainless steel is toxin-free, shatterproof, and durable. If plastic bottles are selected, ensure they are free of BPA/BPS, phthalates, and PVC. Since bottles are heated, plastic degrades over time. It can leach chemicals if not properly treated.

Finding a proper bottle may require purchasing several types. However, the money spent is worth it.

Nanobebe makes several kits that are ideal for any feeding needs. Their bottles are dedicated to maintaining baby’s health. Input for design was generated by pediatricians, lactation consultants, and biomedical engineers. This made for a superior product overall.

Nanobebe makes bottles designed for breastfeeding, pumping, and formula.

Breastmilk Starter Set

Bottles are uniquely shaped to exactly mimic the breast. They are rounded and contain markings. Parents will know exactly how much their baby has drank due to ounce markings on the side of the bottle, which are also designed to preserve the nutrients in breastmilk.

nanobebe breastfeeding baby bottles starter set isolated on white background

The bottles are shaped like a mother to eliminate nipple confusion. There are no wide containers after the nipple. Just a curved design. Nipples are shorter and wider, exactly as in breastfeeding. This allows for the baby to latch on to the bottle in the same manner as the breast.

Bottles are easy to clean. They warm safely and evenly. In fact, they are two times faster than standard bottles. This prevents hot spots from forming and burning a baby’s mouth.

They are easily stackable and save room when storing.

The Starter Set comes with:

  • 4-5 oz breastmilk bottles
  • One smart warming bowl. This allows safe, even heat distribution
  • Two flexy pacifiers. The design follows the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines for newborns
  • Four slow-flow nipples (silicone)
  • Anti-colic venting system
  • Four nipple travel covers
  • Four bottle storage caps for stacking and storage

Flexy Silicone Baby Bottle

The Flexy Silicone Baby Bottle is a bit different. It can be used for breastfed babies. However, it has a container instead of the curved bottle design of the starter set.

nanobebe flexy silicone baby bottles isolated on white background

The bottle is:

  • Squeezable and soft. It parallels a mom’s breast in feel
  • Allows for smooth transitioning between breast/bottle
  • Has a container for milk storage
  • Container makes storage easy if expressing milk
  • Three vent system prevents air from reaching baby
  • Baby maintains a perfect latch
  • Gassiness, fussiness, and discomfort are eliminated
  • Base is stable and prevents tipping
  • Easy to clean – dishwasher safe (top rack only) and microwave safe
  • Contains newborn – and toddler-sized 9oz bottles
  • Quick snap flexy bottle handles enable easier transition as baby grows (item coming soon)
  • Constructed with hygienic, food grade silicone. Bottle is BPA, phthalates, lead, and PVC free
  • Interior is 100% silicone
  • Bottle comes with slow flow nipples. Fast flow is sold separately

Transition Bottle

This is Stage 2 in the feeding process. It is used when feeding goes from 5 to 8oz.

nanobebe stage 2 transition baby bottles isolated on white background

This bottle is great for:

  • Breastfeeding
  • Concave base of the bottle is easy to hold
  • It encourages self-feeding and fine motor skills
  • Quick cooling method reduces bacteria
  • Quick and even warming prevents damage of essential nutrients. Hot spots are eliminated as well
  • It has a pump, store, and warm feature ideal for breastfeeding
  • Nipple is anti-colic, medium flow, and vented

All of the many reasons to choose Nanobebe bottles can be found here.

Customers Love The Design

Customers love the unique design of the Nanobebe Baby Bottles. Moms appreciated the ease of switching between the breast and the bottle. Parents report their baby latched on naturally.

Overall, parents overall appreciated that older babies could self-feed. They could grasp onto the bottom of the bottle easily. Storage was easy as the bottles leave a smaller footprint and are stackable.

The two biggest pros customers report are cleaning and heating bottles. Many baby bottles have multiple components to clean, especially if vented. This frustrates parents. Parents appreciated that the bottle is easy to clean. One man said “Even my giant hands could clean it.”

The bottles themselves were reported to warm easily. The distribution of milk in the bottle made the bottles heat evenly. This avoided hot spots prevalent with other bottles.

Close Second To Nanobebe’s Design

After reviewing a great deal of bottles, only a few came close to Nanobebe. It is simply that unique of a product.

Comotomo Natural Feed bottle created a baby bottle that closely mimics the breast. The nipple is wider and shorter in design. The container is rounder. So, while it isn’t exactly the breast design of Nanobebe, it is pretty close.

comotomo natural feel baby bottle, 5 ounce green color

The wider nipple creates a proper latch in breastfed babies. The bottle has two anti-colic vents, preventing the ingestion of air. The base is silicone and very soft. This is designed to mirror a mother’s breast more closely.

The most unique feature of the Comotomo bottle is the flexible base. By squeezing it, more liquid is forced out. This is similar to “let down” in nursing.

Munchkin Latch has a better latch system. A proper latch is when a mother’s nipple reaches the baby’s soft palate. The accordion-shaped nipple stretches similar to a breast. It reaches the soft palate helping to maintain a proper latch.

munchkin latch anti colic baby bottle with ultra flexible breast like nipple

In breastfeeding, the baby controls milk flow. This is done by placing pressure at the base of the nipple. By design, this bottle allows babies to release more milk by pushing against the nipple’s base.

The nipple flexes as the baby moves their head, allowing for less air. In addition to the nipple design, there is an anti-colic valve. Located in the bottom, it permits the flow of milk and eliminates air bubbles.

Nanobebe baby bottles provide an exceptional alternative to breastfeeding. Its design is one of the few that actually mimic the breast; it’s well-thought-out. The short container not only retains nutrients found in breast milk but heats milk evenly.

Parents do not have to be concerned with hot spots. Plus, the quality of nutrients is not compromised with this bottle. This allows the baby to boost their immunity naturally from the mother.

The ventilation system is wonderfully designed with airflow at the top, by the nipple. It eliminates gas and discomfort while feeding.

Nanobebe has solutions no matter what is being used, whether it’s formula or the breast. Their end design keeps babies’ health in mind and prevents nipple confusion. The design is outstanding. Other bottles rarely come close, making this a definite must-have on any mom’s list.

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