Are you on the hunt for a jogging stroller and keep coming across the “Graco Jogger Travel System”? These strollers are very popular among active parents in search of a good quality jogging stroller for them and their baby.

You may be considering a few options and don’t know which stroller to go with. This review was created to answer some of your questions and list all the specs and features. In this review we recommend the best Graco Jogger Travel systems, highlight the features, pros, and cons, and answer some of your FAQs before you make the leap.

So strap yourselves up and let’s go for a ride!

What Are Jogging Strollers?

Jogging strollers were created with active parents in mind. Parents who are always on the move want durable, practical strollers that hold up to frequent use.

Graco has created jogging strollers designed for this very lifestyle. They have a reputation for having many useful features and last a very long time, even with frequent use. They’re also comfortable for your baby, easy to use, and designed to deliver a smooth ride (or jog) for you and your baby.

We will go in-depth about the exciting features a little later on. But first, let’s take a look at the best Graco Jogger Travel Systems you can buy.

Best Graco Jogger Travel System to Buy

Graco offers a great line of jogging strollers, but the following model is the best jogger travel system in the Graco product line. We will go over the specs and features, followed by a pros and cons list to help you decide if this is the best fit for you!

Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Travel System

graco fastaction fold jogger travel system isolated on white background

The Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Travel System accepts all Graco infant car seats with a secure one-step attachment. You can fold the jogging stroller with one hand, and it has an automatic storage lock.

This stroller includes the Graco SnugRide 35 Infant Car Seat which is rear-facing (for infants). This car seat is easy to secure onto the travel system jogging stroller, to keep your little one snug and tight while jogging or running. Once your baby outgrows the car seat, they can safely be placed in the stroller until they reach 50 pounds.

This Graco jogging stroller has three air-filled rubber tires and features a locking front swivel wheel that makes it easy to transition from walking to jogging. The reasons for its high reviews are that it’s lightweight, portable, easy to use, and durable for all active parents.

Fit for toddlers less than 36 months, the Graco FastAction stroller’s maximum weight capacity is 50 pounds. It will fold in seconds and opens up even faster, ready for parents on the move to hold their baby while they enjoy the outdoors.


  • Great quality and value for the price
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Super easy folding
  • Baby car set included
  • Large storage to hold all your items
  • Air-filled tires for quality of ride


  • Baby car seats will only last until they are 30 lbs
  • Handlebar is fixed

Features of the Graco Jogger Travel Systems

Before buying any product, be sure you know about all the features included. The Graco Jogger Travel Systems has some exceptional and well-known features that make it a cult favorite for parents worldwide.

Here are some features that make Graco stand out from the crowd:

Air-filled tires

Most other strollers have solid rubber tires. But Graco jogging strollers use air-filled tires, providing a much smoother experience for parents and children. The quality of the ride is much better than other standard strollers for this reason.

But keep in mind that if it does require filling or if it punctures like other tires, you need to get that fixed asap – which won’t happen too often.

Swivel front wheel

Graco jogger strollers have a swivel front wheel that you can lock before you begin running. We recommend that you do this for safety reasons to prevent parents from losing control of the stroller when tackling challenging terrains.

You may find some models with fixed wheels, but you will find that they are harder to maneuver when you’re not running. So keep an eye out for the swivel front wheel with a lock, and know that it’s a great option for active parents!


Graco jogging strollers either have foot brakes or handlebar brakes. Look for a model that has a brake system that suits your needs. Consider which area of land you intend to run on. Handlebar brakes work great for hills, grass, and slopes, while foot brakes work best on flat terrain. So make your choice depending on what type of land you will be running on.


Graco jogger travel systems make it easy for you to remove and place your baby in the stroller. They aim to streamline the process of removing your baby from the stroller, placing them into a car seat, and getting everything packed in your car for travel.

The Graco jogging strollers have a quick-fold or single-hand fold feature, which is easy to use and will help immensely for busy parents. They’re very convenient for parents who want the whole process streamlined and ready to use.


And a last great feature of Graco jogging strollers is that they come with UV-protective canopies. Some models have little peekaboo windows to give parents a look into the stroller and at their baby when they’re running. Most canopies come with mesh panels which allows a lot of airflow for your baby. They are adjustable enough to accommodate your little one while they grow into the stroller.

FAQs About Jogging Strollers

Q: What are “travel systems” in a jogger stroller?

Travel systems are strollers that come with a stroller and an infant car seat. Travel systems are a great choice for infants and are considered a two-in-one product that will grow with your baby as they become a toddler – staying durable the entire time.

Q: Is a jogging stroller worth it?

If you aren’t that active and only plan to walk around your neighborhood and on smooth pavement, a traditional stroller is probably a good enough choice. But if you are on the more active side and plan to run or jog on bumpy roads and rugged terrains, a jogging stroller will prove to be your best friend!

Q: Can jogging strollers be used for everyday use?

Jogging strollers are made with high-quality materials and durability in mind. You can most definitely use your jogging stroller every day. It’s a convenient solution for active parents looking for a sturdy and loyal option that will keep up with all walks (and jogs) of life! You can trust the durability and use the stroller every day as your child grows into a toddler.

Q: Can you jog with an infant in the car seat?

It’s recommended that you wait until your baby is strong enough to hold their head up and not so fragile to start jogging with them. Even with the infant car seat attached to your travel system, if your baby is too small, it may be harmful to them. Instead, wait until your baby is about 6 months to start jogging with them.

Q: What’s the difference between 3 and 4 wheel strollers?

A three-wheel stroller is a much more versatile option. It’s wonderful for activities such as jogging and running and will function better on rough terrain. A four-wheel stroller offers more stability and is usually bigger and chunkier. The best jogging strollers are hands-down the three-wheel strollers that Graco Jogger Travel Systems offer.

Final Thoughts

Jogging strollers are the best fit for active parents who like to be outdoors with their children. These strollers are durable and built to last. If you’ve been scouring the market for the best jogger travel systems, you’ve probably come across the Graco Jogger Travel system. This model is considered a top choice for parents that are constantly on the go.

Graco Jogger Travel Systems combines all the comfort and convenient features of a regular jogging stroller and will grow with you and your baby. It comes with a car seat for smaller infants that can latch onto the jogging stroller, and once they outgrow that, they can sit in the stroller itself. Being easy to fold and portable, this jogging stroller comes highly rated and raved by parents everywhere!

We looked at the best Graco Travel Systems, highlighted its features, and answered some frequently asked questions. If you are an active parent and expecting a baby or have a little one already, hopefully, this review cleared any doubts and has inspired you to take the leap!

Active and happy parents, a happy baby, and one sturdy jogging stroller! Enjoy the ride!

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