Ergobaby Carriers were developed in 2002 by a mother in Maui. Dissatisfied with her baby-carrying options, she tried several different carriers, but none of them worked. With her design background, she created a carrier that was exactly what she was looking for: comfortable and easy to use.

Now, Ergobaby is probably the most awarded baby carrier on the market. Over the past several decades, Ergobaby has received numerous accolades from:

  • BabyCenter
  • Babylist Best
  • The Bump Best of Baby
  • Cribsie Awards
  • Fit Pregnancy and Baby Bests Awards
  • JPMA innovation awards
  • Lucie’s List
  • Madeformums awards
  • Parents’ Best Baby Gear
  • What to Expect Moms Love It Awards

This baby carrier is one of the most sought-after products by parents. It’s a beautiful and supportive design that works for both mom and baby, keeping them both comfortable. Many are of the brand’s designs are portable, machine washable, and breastfeeding moms can use them, too.

All Ergobaby carriers come with the ErgoPromise Lifetime Guarantee. It states that if there is a manufacturing or material defect in their product, they will replace the product or part at no extra cost.

This promise is music to a parent’s ears. We know how baby things quickly wear out with a squirming, wiggly baby!

Things to Look For

Before you buy an Ergobaby carrier, it is necessary to ensure it provides comfort and support for the parent and baby their lifestyle.

Comfort comes to the forefront when dealing with a carrier. It should be comfortable for both the baby and the parent. To prevent back strain, look for a carrier with wide, padded straps and a large band around the hips. This configuration allows for even weight distribution as the baby grows. It will prevent fatigue and soreness.

Support for a growing baby is equally as important. A baby will go from limited head stability to firm as they grow. A carrier needs to support this to prevent injury. It must also be able to support a developing spine without being too rigid.

ErgoBaby has seven different carriers available in various colors/patterns. It is designed with comfort and support in mind, and there are multiple styles to suit any parent’s lifestyle.

Aura Wrap (8-25 lbs)

Breastfeeding and first-time moms will love this wrap! It allows the baby to remain in close contact with mom so that she can nurse. The wrap is also easy to tie! All wraps use an easy-to-tie guiding edge, and the instructions are available on the ErgoBaby website.

The Aura Wrap uses soft, lightweight material, so it is comfortable and breathable. It uses 100% viscose sourced from eucalyptus and acacia and is soft on the baby’s skin.

aura baby wrap carrier

It beautifully supports the baby’s spine and head. It comes with an integrated pocket for easy storage, and it is one size fits most. It is petite and plus-sized friendly!

Aerloom Baby Carrier (0-3 years, 7-35 lbs) (Limited Edition, Coming Soon)

Ergobaby made this carrier to move, stretch, and fit an everyday lifestyle. The FormaKnit fabric is ultra-lightweight, and the post-consumer recycled polyester means this carrier good for the environment. It also creates the ultimate fit.

The perfect airflow will prevent babies from overheating and is ideal for active lifestyles.

Curved straps and lumbar support make it easy on the back. It is easy to adjust, compact for easy storage and has a zippered pouch on the back.

It has three carry modes: facing in, facing out, and back carry.

Original Carrier (4-48 months, 12-45 lbs)

Ergobaby’s Original Carrier is made from 100% cotton and is soft-structured. It offers safe support for babies. The bucket seat allows the child’s pelvis to tip gently towards the rear while the upper spine makes contact with the parent’s body. The Original Carrier physiologically supports the baby’s slightly rounded back.

ergobaby original carrier isolated on white background

All of ErgoBaby’s carriers have been recognized as hip-healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

You can wear the Original Carrier in three ways: front, back, and sometimes hip.

Omni 360 (0-24 months/7-45 lbs) (Available for Pre-Sale)

This carrier ergonomically grows from newborn to toddler. Made of 100% cotton makes it lightweight and breathable.

man carry baby with ergobaby carrier

A few nice things about this carrier are that it easily adjusts, has a baby privacy hood (UPF 50+), and a detachable storage pouch. Wide, crossable shoulder straps and lumbar support make it comfortable to wear.

The Omni 360 is ergonomic in all positions, and you can use it in four ways: front-facing, front carry-facing out, hip carry, and back carry.

Embrace (7-25 lbs)

Embrace is a newborn carrier. There is no complicated wrapping or tying involved. The soft-knit fabric keeps the baby nestled close for a snug, supportive, warm fit.

man carry baby with ergobaby omni 360

This comfortable and supportive carrier comes with a wide waist and stretchable cross straps. It’s also compact, making it easy to bring along with you as it will roll up and tuck into a diaper bag.

It comes in three carrying modes: newborn, baby facing in, and baby facing out.

360 (4-36 months, 12-45 lbs,)

The 360 is for after the baby outgrows a baby wrap or newborn carrier. It is an all-position baby carrier, meaning that you can wear it in four ways:

  • Front carry-facing parent (may require an infant insert)
  • Front carry-facing out
  • Hip carry
  • Back carry
ergobaby 360 all position baby carrier with lumbar support

It comes in a breathable, lightweight all-mesh carrier with a privacy hood. It comes equipped with lumbar support, comfortable shoulder straps, and moms can breastfeed in it.

Adapt (0-48 months, 7-45 lbs,)

Adapt is adjustable from newborn to toddler. It has crossable shoulder straps and superior lumbar support.

women holding baby with ergobaby adapt ergonomic baby carrier

Adapt is newborn-ready and comes with a privacy hood. It is 100% premium cotton making it breathable, and it can be worn in three different positions:

  • Front carry
  • Hip carry
  • Back carry

Hip Seat (4-48 months, 12-45 lbs,)

The Hip Seat carrier is for older babies, and moms can breastfeed in it. It is a versatile way to carry a baby around when they constantly want to go up and down.

It comes with a wide Velcro waistband that extends up to 52 inches with cushy shoulder straps. For babies, it has a large, padded, shelf-like, cushioned seat for support that helps parents carry the baby for shorter periods. Plus, it’s made of breathable mesh and is 100% polyester.

The removable panel allows for hands-free carry, and parents will appreciate the tuck-away baby hood for sun protection and privacy. There’s also an easy access pocket for storage.

Hip Seat can be worn front carry facing parent, front carry facing out, and hip carry.

Superior Second?

Is there any baby carrier brand that compares to Ergobaby?

The only comparable product would be the Tula Carrier. It has a similar ergonomic design and an M-shaped seat, plus the mesh may increase breathability.

baby tula coast explore mesh baby carrier isolated on white background

It still comes with the same wide waistband, but the Tula may be slightly wider, offering better support. It also has a great deal more storage incorporated into it and can fold into a carrying pouch. Parents may be impressed with something that easily packs away when not in use.

You can use the Lillebaby All Seasons carrier from birth to 45 pounds. Parents appreciate that it offers six different carrying positions, and you can wear the straps crisscrossed or backpack style for comfort. You can also breastfeed discreetly.

lillebaby pursuit pro six position customizable baby and child carrier

The fabric is soft and lightweight, so it’s ideal for all seasons. Lillebaby has a temperature regulating zip down panel that zips open to reveal mesh fabric allowing baby and parent to remain cool. It also comes with generous storage.

The only complaint about this carrier was that some parents did not like the material.

BabyBjorn also created a carrier with families in mind. It uses mesh, which allows for breathability, so the baby will not overheat in this carrier.

The BabyBjorn One Air can grow from newborn to toddler. It is very lightweight, and parents find children easy to carry. The shoulder straps on this product are wider than ErgoBaby, but in terms of lumbar support, ErgoBaby is far superior.

babybjorn new baby carrier one air 2019 edition

With seven different carriers, ErgoBaby comes across as very impressive. Their product ranges from wraps to toddler carriers offering something for every stage of development.

While it may not have all the storage a parent may desire, it does offer a privacy hood and excellent support.

Parents will appreciate the diversity in positioning as well as the lumbar support that it has to offer. Wide shoulder straps and easily extendable wide waists spread the baby’s weight over the entire back for increased comfort, which makes wearing the carrier more enjoyable, requiring less effort.

ErgoBaby has the same M-seat as its competitors. It allows for the baby’s pelvis to remain in a proper position and allows for proper development. Newborns can snuggle close to mom, while older children can easily slide in and out. Plus, it’s easily adjustable!

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