Taking your baby camping in the Great Outdoors is equal parts exciting and nerve-wracking. But with the right baby camping gear, you will have more fun and joy than you ever imagined! Experiencing the outdoors with your little one will start a lifelong tradition and be the stepping stone to creating thousands of memories.

Packing right and making sure your baby has all the camping fundamentals will ensure a safe and fun trip for everyone – especially for the baby! So what exactly are packing essentials for camping when it comes to your baby? You’ve come to the right place!

In this guide, we will discuss baby camping gear must-haves, tips on camping with a baby, and answer some frequently asked questions about it!

Baby Camping Gear Must-Haves

Baby Deedee Sleeping Bag with Sleeves

baby deedee sleeping bag with sleeves isolated on white background

This sleeping bag is perfect for the outdoors. Your baby will be all snug and comfy in this innovative sleeping bag that has removable sleeves and convenient shoulder straps.

It’s made of water-resistant material which will allow your baby to join you in all your adventures outdoors while remaining warm and safe! Made from premium, ultra-lightweight duvet material, this sleeping bag is the perfect solution for babies that need extra warmth in the Great Outdoors!

Baby Outdoor Portable Chair

baby delight go with me venture portable chair isolated on white background

If you’re going to be camping overnight, you probably want a safe and convenient place for your child to eat without walking or crawling away. This portable chair can be used by a baby (approx. three months) to 75 lbs child – which means you can use it for camping trips for a few years yet!

It has a removable snack tray, a sun canopy to block your child from the sun’s UV rays, and comes with a carry bag to transport it. It doesn’t weigh much and is easy to fold up and open! It’s great for any outdoor bonfires and camping!

hiccapop MiniPod Baby Dome for On the Go

hiccapop baby dome for on the go

If your little one is at the stage where they take frequent naps, this baby dome serves as the perfect play space and napping spot for babies and families on the move! This can be used both indoors and out and is made specifically for newborns up to 20 pounds or about nine months old.

When you are out camping and setting up the tent or preparing food and want to make sure your baby is in a safe place to play and sleep, this baby dome will come in incredibly handy! Portable and easy to fold, this dome comes built easily for you to take along with you on any camping expedition!

Hiseeme Baby Lounger Baby Nest

hiseeme baby lounger cover baby nest cover 100% cotton breathable sleeping bed

Speaking of sleeping, when you go camping and want to co-sleep with your baby, there is baby gear on the market that serves as a separate bed for the baby! This lounger nest was made specifically to keep the comfort of babies in mind. It’s portable and made with a lightweight design which means you can transport it easily.

It has a 360-degree protective pad on its sides to create a separate sleeping space when you co-sleep with your baby in your camping tent. It will help your little one sleep better than ever – even though it’s a brand-new environment. It is made with technology to support your baby’s spine for ultimate sleep, even in a tent!

Carter’s Baby Sherpa Onesie

carters baby boys pram blue color isolated on white background

Babies need to stay warm when they are in the outdoors – whether it’s just for an evening stroll or camping out overnight! For this reason, there are so many fleeces and sherpa clothing to keep your child warm and cozy during the entire camping experience.

This baby sherpa onesie is made of faux sherpa, 100% polyester and zips from ankle to chin. It even has a cotton-lined hood to keep your baby’s head warm during the nights. Use this onesie as one of your baby’s layers when you are getting them ready for bed! Camping out will be a stylish and cozy affair with this baby gear!

Hudson Baby Fleece Booties

hudson baby unisex baby cozy fleece booties isolated on white background

Feet are one of the first parts of your baby’s body that will pick up the cold right away. For this reason, you want to make sure your baby’s feet are always covered with socks to keep them warm and snug!

These fleece booties are great to wear alone when sleeping overnight in a tent or as socks before putting on your baby’s boots or shoes! It comes in approximately 60 different colors and styles, so mix and match to choose the best booties to make your baby look and feel their best!

MarJunSep Sherpa Baby Mittens

marjunsep baby mittens gloves sherpa lined fleece isolated on white background

You want to make sure your baby’s hands are covered and warm during the nighttime as well. If you are camping out, it will get very chilly. And although it may not seem too cold for you, it won’t be the same experience for your baby!

These sherpa mittens are made of high-quality organic cotton for newborn babies and infants. They are lined with thick sherpa to keep your baby warm and cozy. It comes in a pack with 4 pairs so you don’t need to buy multiple sets! Baby gear to keep your baby warm never looked and felt this good!

Babyganics DEET Free Bug Spray

babyganics deet free bug spray isolated on white background

When you are venturing the outdoors with your little one, you want to make sure they are not exposed to any pesky bugs! Bugs will swarm your precious baby’s skin if given the chance. So invest in good quality baby bug spray!

This Babyganics bug spray is DEET-free, paraben and sulphate-free! It has only plant-derived ingredients and is made with natural essential oils. It will keep away mosquitoes, gnats and flies. And the formula is perfectly fine to use on your baby! Just make sure to buy bug spray that is meant for use on baby’s sensitive skin!

Luvdbaby Premium Baby Carrier

luvdbaby premium baby backpack carrier for hiking with kids orange color

And lastly, you can’t finish off a list of camping baby gear without recommending the best baby carrier available on the market! This premium baby carrier will carry your baby safely on your back. It comes with an adjustable height so that it doesn’t matter which parent is carrying the baby.

It has multiple pockets and even an insulated one to keep your baby’s bottle! This backpack is designed especially for parents who want to trek out with their babies on their back (literally). It is made of premium qualities that are built to last. Meaning you can expect to go on many adventures with this backpack and baby – and even save it for any future babies! This baby carrier is a camping baby gear fundamental!

Tips on Camping with Baby

Always bring extra clothes for layering

Whether you’re going camping in the spring, summer, or fall, you must bring extra clothes for layering your little one. Their bodies will get cold a lot faster than adult bodies, so you want to make sure they’re super bundled up.

A lot of parents skip extra layering in the summertime but tend to forget that the chilly breeze that casts over the campground may be too cold for the baby! So always pack a few extra sweaters, shirts and socks to keep your baby as cozy as possible!

Pack a comfort item for a good night’s sleep

Sleeping in an unfamiliar place will likely cause some discomfort for your little one. That is something you won’t be able to avoid. But there is something you can do to ease that feeling away! Pack your child’s favorite blanket, toy, stuffed animal or comfort item from home so that they will be able to hold onto it.

When they have something comforting nearby, it’ll be easier for them to calm down in the middle of the night and get back to sleep quicker! You can try giving it a practice run at home in your backyard so your baby gets used to sleeping in a tent before the big camping adventure!

Invest in good baby gear for your adventures

Baby gear is so important when it comes to camping. Playpens are a good way to hold your child while you need your hands free to start the fire, pitch a tent or prepare dinner. A baby carrier is a great piece of gear to have when you are ready to take nature walks with your baby. A lounger nest is a perfect place to sleep your baby when night falls. And so much more!

This gear will simplify your life when camping with your little one! So if you know you will be heading out on more camping adventures, invest in some baby gear that will prove to be life savers!

Always bring a first aid kit for you and your baby

This seems obvious, but while planning and getting ready for camping, it’s not uncommon to forget the first aid kit at home! You should be prepared with antibiotic ointment, bandages, and painkillers (like Tylenol and Motrin) for you and your baby. You can always buy a pre-made first aid kit and add your baby’s essential first aid items inside. If you can, keep one in the car for backup!

Pack essentials like sunscreen and bug spray

⮚ Bug spray and sunscreen are essential items when you are exploring the outdoors with your baby! For some reason, bugs love baby skin and will try their best to have at it with your baby. Protect them by spraying baby bug spray that is compatible with sensitive and baby skin. Adult bug spray will be too harsh.

Sunscreen is very important in the summertime. With the sun hitting its peak, your baby’s skin is at risk of being exposed to UV rays. Find the best baby sunscreen you can and pack enough so that you can reapply as needed.

FAQs about Camping with Baby

Q: How early can you go camping with a baby?

It is never too early to get your children outdoors! If this is your first baby and you want to wait a bit until they can hold their neck up or turn over onto their stomach, the ideal time to take your baby camping is around 5-6 months!

But of course, if you have experience taking a baby camping before and are up for the challenge, you can take your newborn as early as you want! Just remember that each age will have its pros and cons, but it’s rewarding all the same!

Q: What should a baby sleep in when camping?

If your baby is used to sleeping in a crib or playpen, use a portable crib or playpen to place them into sleep. This is the safest choice and the familiarity of the crib will help your baby settle down quicker and stick to their nighttime sleep schedule. Keep in mind that your tent should be large enough to fit a portable crib!

Say you don’t have a portable crib and don’t plan on buying one. You should get a pillow or pad made specifically for infants! You can place it next to your own sleeping pad and it is comfortable enough so that your baby will get a good night’s sleep.

Q: Can a newborn be around a campfire?

Campfires that emit smoke are dangerous for small lungs. Your newborn is in danger of hot sparks flying and crackling from the bonfire and the woodsmoke can get too strong to handle. Avoid keeping your baby warm by the bonfire. Keep them seated away from the fire and rely on other methods to keep them warm – such as layering their clothes.

Q: How do you camp with a crawling baby?

At the crawling stage, your baby is very curious and playful. To keep them preoccupied while you cook up dinner or set up the tent and sleeping bags, bring some of their favorite toys so they can play in a safe area or their playpen. Have safety measures surrounding the sleeping situation. Take them on a nightly walk (while you wear them on your body) to introduce them to new things but also so that they are tired enough to sleep according to their schedule. And just have fun!

Q: Does a playpen fit in a tent?

Bringing a playpen when you go camping with your baby is a great idea. Depending on the size of your tent, you may or may not be able to fit your portable playpen inside. If you don’t have a large enough tent but have two tents, bring both and one parent can sleep with the baby and the playpen while the other parent sleeps in the other! But if you plan to make camping trips a tradition, it’s recommended that you invest in a bigger tent so that everyone can stay cozied up together!

Q: How cold is too cold to camp with a baby?

Temperature below 50°F or 10°C is considered too cold for a baby. In these temperatures, generally, a baby’s body temperature can drop – especially if they are wearing inadequate clothing. So make sure that you are keeping your baby warm at night with multiple layers of clothing (look for fleece or wool material), thick and comfy socks and a hat while sleeping. All of this will keep your baby’s body warm and snug!

Q: How do I keep my baby warm during camping?

When you are camping with a baby or toddler, make sure you keep your head warm with a hat and feet covered and comfortable with warm socks. Layering your child with a good jacket and a soft, cozy blanket is also a good idea.

Even on summer days, remember that the temperature will get cool during the night. And your baby needs to stay as warm as possible. So pack those layers and blankies, but most importantly, pack socks and something for their heads because that is where the cold air will hit them first!

Final Thoughts

Camping is a great way to travel with a baby. New parents may feel like their whole life has turned upside down with the arrival of a baby in their lives. But it’s important to realize that life goes on and there are so many ways to include your baby in your routine. Whether that’s camping in the wilderness or hiking up mountains – no law says you can’t bring your baby with you!

Babies love the outdoors because of the fresh air and so many new things to see and discover. And making sure they are equipped with camping baby gear is so important to maximize their comfort and happiness. Having these fundamentals will also put your mind at ease – knowing that your baby is warm, cozy, and taken care of, even if you are in the middle of nowhere!

In this article, we cover baby camping gear fundamentals, tips on how to camp out with your baby, and answer some FAQs about camping with a baby! Hopefully, this has inspired you to start buying and packing your baby’s camping gear to venture out on your next camping trip! This will strengthen your family bond and help you make memories for a lifetime!

Happy camping!

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