Traveling parents know the importance of having a fully functional, practical, and stylish diaper backpack. The reality is that when you travel with a baby, expect the unexpected. There is no such thing as being too prepared. But as a parent, having the best diaper backpack will bring you one step closer to dealing with any situation that may arise on your travels.

Diaper backpacks and bags help you stay on top of things anywhere you go and keep you organized while on the move! The baby market for traveling parents is saturated with options for diaper bags that it may be overwhelming to buy the best one for you.

In this article, we highlight the ten best diaper backpacks and bags for parents on the move, suggest factors to consider before making your purchase, and give you some tips for traveling with your little one. Keep reading to find out!

The 10 Best Diaper Backpacks

  1. Best Overall – RUVALINO Multifunctional Travel Backpack
  2. Best Budget – Upsimples Diaper Bag
  3. Best Practical – BabbleRoo Baby Diaper Bag
  4. Best Dad Bag – Mancro Diaper Bag
  5. Best Style – BAMOMBY Travel Diaper Bag
  6. Best Tote Bag – Baby Essentials Diaper Tote Bag
  7. Best Multifunctional – Hafmall Diaper Bag
  8. Best Compact – Bag Nation Diaper Bag
  9. Best Heavy-Duty – Hap Tim Large Diaper Bag
  10. Best Twin Diaper Backpack – Rabjen Transformable Baby Bag

The Best Diaper Bags: Reviews

1. Best Overall – RUVALINO Multifunctional Travel Backpack

ruvalino multifunction diaper bag backpack isolated on white background

The Ruvalino Multifunctional travel backpack is the best-selling and, therefore, best overall diaper backpack on the baby market! This comfortable bag is affordable, easy to carry, and has all the functionalities of a diaper bag, and is a popular choice for a reason!

This bag is perfect for traveling parents because it is large enough to hold all the essentials and has organization and practicality in mind. Similar to most travel diaper backpacks, this bag’s insulated pockets keep baby bottles at the proper temperature and a mesh organizer so you can grab a diaper efficiently when working with one hand! The bag has 16 pockets which means you can even claim one for yourself to stash away your personal belongings such as your phone, wallet, and keys. It has a padded laptop pocket if you’re a working parent who is always on the go.

Despite having many pockets, the Ruvalino Multifunctional bag is designed for convenience and gives easy access to traveling parents.


  • Affordable
  • Spacious to hold baby essentials and your personal items
  • For organized parents
  • Made for easy access and closure with one hand
  • Can be used as a backpack or handbag or hung on a stroller


  • Zipper may wear out after constant use
  • Too many compartments may be too much for some parents

2. Best Budget – Upsimples Diaper Bag

upsimples diaper bag backpack isolated on white background

The Upsimples Diaper Bag is a highly rated and highly affordable bag for traveling parents. This practical diaper backpack has all the functionalities of the perfect diaper bag, but comes with much more at an affordable price!

This bag is great for on-the-go parents as it has a USB charging port and is designed with traveling parents in mind – the capability to be opened single-handedly when you’re in a high-stress situation. This bag comes equipped with an anti-thief pocket in the back to store your cellphone and wallet. It has well-layered compartments to store diapers, bottles, clothes, baby wipes, and more! The bag has three large insulated pockets for baby bottles and is very easy to reach. It has two waterproof compartments for wet towels, used bibs, or diapers. The Upsimples Diaper bag is lightweight and comfortable to carry around for an extended period.

Budget-friendly and sensible, this bag is a hit with traveling parents!


  • Very affordable
  • Multiple compartments and pockets
  • USB charging port for phones
  • Anti-theft pocket to store valuable items


  • Can be bigger for more storage

3. Best Practical – BabbleRoo Baby Diaper Bag

babbleroo diaper bag backpack isolated on white background

The BabbleRoo Baby Diaper bag is a travel backpack that comes in 8 different styles and colors. Along with the bag, it comes with a wipe-clean foldable changing mat, stroller straps, and a detachable pacifier holder for easy convenience.

This diaper backpack is a hit with traveling parents because it is well-organized with two main compartments, five insulated pockets for storing your baby wipes, a changing pad pocket, and even a pocket that holds tablets and a laptop! It uses durable, tear-resistant waterproof fabric and has cushioned shoulder straps, and will distribute the load evenly on your shoulders and back for long-time wearing. This diaper bag has an easy-grab top handle and stroller clips that allow you to wear it as a backpack or handbag.

The BabbleRoo Baby diaper bag is the ultimate hands-free changing bag that is practical for all busy bee parents.


  • Made from durable, tear-resistant material
  • Practical pockets
  • Comes in multiple styles
  • Cushioned straps for ultimate comfort


  • Some parents find it slightly compact
  • Not lightweight

4. Best Dad Bag – Mancro Diaper Bag

mancro large multifunction diaper bag backpack isolated on white background

The Mancro Diaper backpack is a sleek, affordable, and highly-rated unisex bag made for both traveling moms and dads. It is a large waterproof bag designed with comfort and multifunctionality as a priority.

This is the best dad diaper bag because it comes in four unisex colors, isn’t too big or too small to carry around, and has thick padded shoulder straps. It has multifunctional pockets such as insulated ones for milk bottles and an anti-theft pocket to store dad’s essentials like keys, phone, and wallet! It has a main compartment for your baby’s chance of outfit and diapers – anything you need to grab quickly. It comes with a changing pad and stroller straps essentially made for traveling parents. This bag uses waterproof fabric and will last years if taken care of properly.

Durability, comfort, and on-the-go practicality are the highlights of this unisex diaper bag that is perfect for Dads far and wide!

5. Best Style – BAMOMBY Travel Diaper Bag

bamomby diaper bag backpack isolated on white background

The BAMOMBY Travel diaper bag has the best style for traveling mothers and fathers. This chic backpack comes in three different colors and uses tear-resistant waterproof fabric with strong zippers and lining.

This stylish diaper backpack looks like a regular bag, but it is spacious enough to hold all of your baby’s essentials with five insulated bottle pockets, a multi-function changing pad pocket, and two main compartments. It has an easy-to-grab top handle and cushioned shoulder straps to evenly distribute weight and not give you any back or shoulder pain while traveling. This backpack is well organized and has useful pockets, features, and gizmos to enjoy traveling with your baby in style!

The BAMOMBY travel diaper backpack is for parents who want a multi-functional diaper bag that isn’t ordinary but rather trendy!


  • Doesn’t look like a diaper bag
  • Fancy gold details
  • Hidden anti-theft pocket at the back
  • Pocket for tablet or laptop


  • Insulated bottle pockets don’t hold 9oz baby bottles
  • Wipes pocket may be too small

6. Best Tote Bag – Baby Essentials Diaper Tote Bag

baby essentials diaper bag tote isolated on white background

The Baby Essentials diaper bag is the best tote bag for traveling parents! It’s a large-capacity messenger tote that will carry all your baby’s and your essentials and grant easy access to grab anything you need with ease.

This tote bag has five pockets that are easily accessible – even with just one hand. It includes an insulated bottle holder that fits up to 2 bottles and a pocket to hold hot or cold snacks. It comes with a portable changing pad and a matching wet wipes case that you can refill. All the additional bags that come with it match the main diaper bag, which is a trendy statement while you’re on the move. This diaper tote comes in 4 different colors and is an incredibly affordable choice for parents who don’t like ordinary! If messenger totes are what you prefer, this beautiful diaper bag is perfect for you.

The Baby Essentials diaper tote is for parents who prefer tote bags over backpacks but don’t want to disregard storage space.


  • Great value
  • Matching accompanying bags
  • Large storage space
  • Easily access everything with one hand


  • Small changing pad
  • Shoulder strap may not be long enough

7. Best Multifunctional – Hafmall Diaper Bag

hafmall waterproof multifunctional diaper bag backpack isolated on white background

The Hafmall is the best diaper travel bag for moms and dads who expect all the functionalities that don’t abandon comfort and durability. This stylish diaper bag comes in seven different styles with tear-resistant fabric and strong zippers built to last for years.

This diaper backpack is perfect for traveling parents because carrying it is comfortable and it is spacious with over a dozen pockets – including two insulated pockets and a wet pocket for any diapers, wet towels, or wet clothes. It’s very durable, made of waterproof material, and large enough to carry all the essentials and your items. This backpack has extra handles which allow you to carry it as a tote, backpack, or handbag. The organization inside the bag is practical and easy for you to fish out anything you need. It’s so stylish and long-lasting that you can even use it as a regular backpack once you don’t need a diaper bag anymore!

The Hafmall diaper bag is for parents who place the utmost importance on the vital functionalities and the comfort of a baby travel bag.


  • Made from durable, tear-resistant material
  • Built to last for years
  • Practical pockets


  • Zipper is strong so may be hard to open the bag single-handedly
  • Feels heavy if wearing it all-day

8. Best Compact – Bag Nation Diaper Bag

bag nation diaper bag backpack isolated on white background

The Bag Nation Diaper bag is the best compact travel bag for parents to hold the essentials, changing pad, and items. This large capacity diaper bag comes in two different colors and comes with exceptional organization.

This diaper bag is a hit for traveling parents because it can store many things but is compact enough to travel with. It has 14 pockets – a dedicated wet wipes pocket, insulated bottle pocket, and a full open zipper back to give you quick access. It has an ergonomic design that keeps your hands free and has vented padding on the back and shoulder straps, making it comfortable to wear for an extended time. You don’t have to worry about traveling with your little one when you have a bag that can handle it all! The Bag Nation Diaper bag comes with a hassle-free Lifetime Warranty to prove its durability.

Compact-looking travel diaper bag with a large capacity to hold all your baby’s essentials, this bag is a favorite amongst traveling parents.


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Will look fresh and new even after daily use
  • Not bulky and easy to carry around
  • Practical pockets to hold just about anything


  • Only one insulated pocket
  • Not the most stylish diaper bag listed

9. Best Heavy-Duty – Hap Tim Large Diaper Bag

hap tim diaper bag backpack isolated on white background

The Hap Tim Large Diaper bag is the best heavy-duty bag for parents that need lots of storage space. This bag is made of high-quality polyester fabric and has ergonomic thick sponge padded shoulder straps, evenly distributing the weight. This bag is not for parents who prefer to pack light while on the go.

This diaper bag is great for traveling parents because it allows you to pack all your baby’s essentials, your items, and other things you may or may not need. This large diaper bag is perfect for parents that tend to overpack on day trips. It has an impressive capacity that includes 18 pockets, internal and external, for unlimited organization options that suits your needs. The bag comes with two big compartments that allow you to store diapers and other heavy-duty essentials. It uses prime quality material that will sustain many years of use. Despite its large capacity, it has comfort in mind, which means neither mom nor dad will have a problem carrying this backpack around.

Large, practical, and with the ability to hold much more than your average diaper bag, this backpack is for traveling parents who appreciate space and comfort.


  • Very high storage capacity
  • Convenient pockets and travel-ready
  • Ergonomic shoulder straps for busy travel


  • Strong zippers mean you can’t close with one hand
  • No supports inside so will sag if not filled up

10. Best Twin Diaper Backpack – Rabjen Transformable Baby Bag

rabjen transformable baby diaper bag backpack isolated on white background

The Rabjen Transformable Baby bag is for parents with twins or more than one infant. It’s highly rated and purchased frequently for its expandable multi-function qualities.

This diaper backpack is great for parents on the move because it has an expandable capacity to suit your needs, has 22 pockets with two big compartments, built-in stroller straps, and a luggage strap – ready to travel. Its normal size is 25L but becomes 34L after expanding. It uses lightweight waterproof 900D Oxford fabric, and the inner lining is easy to clean and spill-resistant. The ergonomic design ensures softer materials for back cushions and shoulder straps. This backpack is more than just a travel diaper bag, and you can use it as a travel or laptop bag beyond toddlerhood. If you have double the amount of diapers, clothes, and bottles to store in a diaper bag, this expandable bag is the right one for you!

More storage capacity and high-quality material are what make this diaper bag shine for traveling parents who have more than one toddler!


  • Incredibly spacious
  • Anti-theft back pocket to store your valuables
  • Expandable if needed
  • USB charging port available


  • May ride high on your back
  • Built for smaller frames

Buyer’s Guide

Buying the best diaper backpack and bag doesn’t have to be a difficult decision. If you consider the most important factors and functionalities of a diaper bag, it will give you a clear choice of which bag will work for you and your family.

Here are some factors worth thinking about before you go ahead and buy the best diaper backpack for you and your baby:

1. Detachable or portable changing mat

Many diaper bags do not come with a portable changing mat. A good diaper bag includes a detachable changing mat that makes it easier to change your baby’s diaper just about anywhere while you travel!

The best diaper bags will offer this option as the purpose of a diaper bag is to be convenient for busy, traveling parents! So keep your eye out and make sure the bag you choose offers this function.

2. Lots of handy pockets

Let’s face it – when you pack a travel bag for your little one, you might feel like you’re packing your entire house with you. Having handy pockets to keep things separate and in methodical places will ensure you have highly organized outings.

The best diaper backpacks will have lots of pockets in the interior and on the exterior. Some pockets are for specific things – like a wipes pocket or insulated bottle pocket – but you can use most pockets as you desire. Look for diaper backpacks and bags with multiple handy pockets so you can organize all your baby’s items efficiently.

3. The more compartments, the better

Diaper bags should have large compartments to store your baby’s bigger necessities. Most come with one or two big compartments for diapers, clean or dirty clothes in separate areas.

Compartments help organize the bigger things you need to keep stored in your diaper bag. The best diaper backpack will have large compartments where you can easily keep your baby’s diapers, outfit changes, or any wet messes.

4. Insulated bottle pocket

Some diaper bags don’t have insulated bottle pockets, and that’s a shame because it’s one of the key features of a diaper bag. You want to make sure your baby’s food and milk are at a comfortable temperature throughout the entire day.

Bottle pockets are not enough when traveling. When you’re buying a diaper bag, make sure it lists the bottle pocket is insulated.

5. Anti-theft, hidden pocket

Not all diaper bags have anti-theft pockets. Usually, these pockets are on the back of your bag, closest to your body, and the people around you won’t have easy access to them.

The best diaper backpacks will offer a hidden, anti-theft pocket to hold all your valuables. Be it your laptop, tablet, phone, keys, or wallet, you’ll have a safe space to store your goods while traveling far and wide with your baby. Keep your eyes peeled when reading the features of the diaper bag you plan on buying.

6. Ease-of-access

Accessibility is an important factor to consider when purchasing a diaper bag. There will be multiple instances during your travel where you will have to retrieve something for your diaper bag single-handedly.

The diaper bag market is full of ones with different designs and looks. Choose one that is easy to access with one hand and reach into. The best diaper bag for you will help you while you’re out and about.

7. Washable lining

It’s only natural that things get a little messy inside a diaper bag. Having washable linings will help ease the process of cleaning the insides. Messes such as food or milk spills don’t have to ruin your bag anymore!

When on the hunt for the best diaper backpack, look for inner linings that are easy to wash and clean once you get home. It would be unfortunate if you bought a hard-to-clean bag with stains or smells during future uses.

8. Ergonomic padded shoulder straps

If you want a diaper bag that you will be carrying on long travels, padded shoulder straps are a must! They make your diaper bag easier to carry and will evenly distribute the weight – especially if you’re carrying a lot for an extended time.

The best diaper backpacks will offer some shoulder support so that you don’t have any back or shoulder pain during and after your travels. Overlooking this function will cause discomfort and a general dislike of carrying your baby’s diaper bag.

Final Thoughts

Parents who are on the move must have a diaper backpack that has it all! Whether it’s a red-eye flight or a day trip downtown, you want to make sure the diaper bag you choose to travel with is highly functional, stores all the essentials, and is a breeze to carry around! Fortunately, diaper bags on the current market use different kinds of parents and babies in mind.

When buying the best diaper backpack and bag for traveling, make an informed decision and purchase one that is durable, lightweight, multifunctional, and checks all of your boxes.

Hopefully, with the help of this guide, you are prepped to buy the best diaper backpack and bag that combine style, practicality, and enhances your travel!

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