Compact, collapsible strollers are a necessary piece of equipment for new parents. If you’re a new parent on-the-go, and are planning day-trips with your little one, you’ll appreciate the benefits of these lightweight strollers. These strollers are easy to carry, push, and fold-up. Bring them with you, pack them up, and take them to your next adventure.

In this article, we’re going to run down the best collapsible strollers on the market. After that, we’ll give you a mini buyer’s guide to help you make the right choice.

Best Compact Strollers

BEST BUDGET: Kolcraft Cloud Easy Fold

kolcraft cloud plus lightweight easy fold isolated on white background

Product Overview

Let’s kick it off with our best value option. The Kolcraft Cloud Easy Fold is a collapsible stroller with an irresistible price tag.

The Kolcraft Easy Fold does just what its name implies – it folds down quickly and easily into a compact travel-ready package. The one-handed folding system is simple, with folded dimensions of 18” x 12” x 34”. It’s not quite as compact as other options on our list, but it’s great for the price. Plus, despite its bulky appearance, it only weighs 12 lbs.

The Kolcraft Easy Fold has everything a parent and child needs. It has a spacious, comfortable seat with a 5-point safety harness and fully adjustable handles (with attached cup holders). Ample storage options, including an under-seat compartment and an arms-reach pocket for a wallet, keys, and phone, make it easy to take anywhere. There’s also an adjustable canopy to keep your child safe from UV rays.


  • Very affordable
  • Fully collapsible for storage or travel
  • Lots of storage space
  • Safe and comfortable for children


  • Not as compact as other options on our list
  • Doesn’t offer as “smooth” a ride as premium strollers

Bottom Line

The bottom line is it’s pretty hard to beat this stroller as a collapsible option in this price range. It’s decked with everything a parent or child could want, and it’s stable and reliable for day trips or extended vacations. It’s not quite as compact as other options (and not ideal for air travel), but you can’t argue with that price tag!

Joolz AER Baby Stroller

joolz aer baby stroller isolated on white background

Product Overview

The Joolz AER Stroller offers premium functionality with a classic look. The Joolz is suitable for children six months up to 50 lbs.

This stroller is among the most compact options on our list. Use the one-handed quick-fold to pack the stroller down to a size that is suitable for most airplane overhead bins – just 21” x 17.7” x 8.5”. And weighing just 13.4 lbs., the Joolz is an ideal travel option, wherever you want to take it. It even comes with a reasonably sized travel bag for easy packing or storage.

The Joolz stroller was designed for everyday use, not just for travel. They have a patent pending on their Comfort-Seat technology, said to offer superior support for a baby’s neck and back no matter the reclining position. The stroller also features a 5-point harness system and an adjustable canopy to protect against harsh rays. For parents, the handle is fully adjustable to your height, and the large under-seat storage gives you plenty of room to pack the necessities.

The Joolz has a smooth, stable ride, thanks to its 4-wheel suspension and puncture-proof light rubber tires. It’s a premium option, but we think it justifies the price.


  • Folds down tight – can fit into most airline overhead compartments
  • Patent-pending Comfort-Seat technology
  • 4-wheel suspension and light rubber tires
  • One-handed quick compact fold


  • Quite pricey

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a lightweight stroller and willing to shell out a bit extra, consider the Joolz AER. It’s extremely compact while still offering plenty of functionality. If you plan on flying with your child, you might find your stroller options limited, but this one is suitable for most major airlines. It’s a smooth, easy ride with everything you need for day trips to vacations.

Thule Spring Compact Stroller

thule spring compact stroller isolated on white background

Product Overview

Here’s another option that leans toward the “premium” end of the market. The Thule Spring Compact is a great choice for everyday use.

First, the Thule Spring Compact is 30% smaller than traditional 3-wheel strollers, meaning it is also more lightweight, compact, and portable. It features a one-handed folding mechanism and collapses into a tight package that stands on its own. Whether you need to store it, pack it, or put it away, it’s an easy choice. It also meets the Disney World park requirements if you’re planning a family vacation!

The Thule Spring Compact features plenty more to make it ideal for everyday use. The three-wheel design makes the stroller fast and agile. 3-wheeled strollers have a quicker turning radius. Combined with the Thule’s front suspension, you’ll be breezing around with ease.

The Spring Compact also sports an ergonomic seat for babies, with a comfortable 5-point harness system that is fully adjustable. You can also adjust the handle to your height and posture. There are optional cup holder and snack tray add-ons, but those cost extra.


  • 30% smaller than competing 3-wheelers
  • One-pull collapsing system
  • Fast, agile, and smooth (front suspension included)
  • Ample under-seat storage space
  • Sleek, modern design


  • Add-ons are sold separately
  • Pricey

Bottom Line

The Thule Spring Compact is one of the best strollers for everyday use. Whether you’re hitting the park, going to the beach, or packing up for an extended car vacation, it’ll work just fine. It offers a smooth, stable ride with plenty of customization options for you and your baby. As an all-around pick, it’s tough to beat this one, but the price is steep!

gb Pockit+ All City

gb pockit+ all city ultra compact lightweight travel stroller isolated on white background

Product Overview

The Pockit+ All City is another modern stroller that’s great for travel. It’s another option that’s carry-on compliant with most major airlines, making it suitable for just about any type of travel.

The Pockit+ folds up in under a minute into a handbag-shaped package that is extremely portable. However, it does lack a carrying handle when folded, so we’d recommend packing your own travel bag if you want to carry it with you.

They gave ample thought to this stroller’s design because they found plenty of room leftover for an impressive amount of functionality. The seat is ergonomically designed for children, with reclining capabilities to your child’s preference. There’s also an overhead canopy to keep them sheltered from rays. For parents, there are adjustable handles to their height and a large under-seat storage basket that can hold up to 11 lbs.

Perhaps best of all, the Pockit+ is significantly cheaper than many of its competitors. Not the cheapest stroller, but excellent value for the price.


  • Great price
  • Compact enough for most airlines’ overhead storage
  • Comfortable seating and overhead canopy
  • Sleek, stylish design


  • Difficult to carry while compacted (you’ll want a travel bag)
  • Storage options aren’t overly extensive

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a compact stroller to bring on a plane and won’t break the bank, the Pockit+ is unrivaled. Not only is it a compact stroller, but it’s also a sturdy, reliable, comfortable device. Its minimal design gives it quite a bit less storage space than some competitors, but it’s a necessary trade-off given its size. We wish it were a bit easier to carry while compacted, but this is a minor gripe. Overall, we were impressed.

BEST FOR JOGGING: Baby Jogger City Mini

baby jogger city mini 2 stroller isolated on white background

Product Overview

We want our list to have something for everyone, so we’re rounding it out with a compatible jogging stroller. Jogging strollers tend to be quite a bit bulkier than normal strollers because they need bigger wheels and a wider center of gravity. It’s tough to find a lightweight jogging stroller, and this is why we were so impressed with the Baby Jogger City Mini.

Because it’s a jogger, it’s not going to fold down as tight and compact as a travel stroller. But we appreciate that it’s able to fold up at all. All you need to do is lift a strap, and it easily folds into itself, making it much easier to store, carry, or pack into a car.

As a jogging stroller, it offers a smooth ride thanks to its three-wheel design, with a “double” front wheel for added stability and traction. You can adjust the handle to perfectly match your posture, keeping you upright throughout your run. The wheels have a large diameter which allows for added speed and a smoother experience. There’s also an option to adjust your baby’s calf support, which is a known issue with jogging strollers.

The Baby Jogger also features a huge canopy to keep your baby safe during long runs. There’s ample storage down below if you need to pack any necessities.


  • Compatible jogging stroller
  • Large wheels allow for smooth, fast jogging
  • Adjustable calf support for babies
  • Lightweight design for jogging stroller – only 19 lbs


  • Not as compact as a travel stroller

Bottom Line

Ultimately, you won’t find a jogging stroller that rivals a compactable travel stroller in portability. That said, if you want a jogging stroller that’s easy to pack up and store, this is a top option. More importantly, this stroller keeps your baby safe & comfortable during runs and facilitates a smooth, comfortable run for you. If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, we recommend this jogger.

Buyer’s Guide

We gave you several solid options to choose from. But how do you make the best choice for yourself? We narrowed down a list of factors for you to consider. Consider these factors so you can decide exactly what you want in a compact stroller, and you can make a perfect choice.

Portability vs. Functionality

As strollers become more portable, they need to cut back on other features. For example, if a stroller emphasizes a compact design, it might need to cut back on storage space, wheel size, exterior accessories, and more.

You have to decide where you land on this spectrum and whether you prefer an ultra-compact stroller or if you’re willing to go a bit bigger and benefit from a few more bells and whistles.

What Kind of Travel?

There’s a difference between packing for a day trip and a two-week vacation overseas. As a result, your stroller needs will differ as well. Consider the type of travel you need the stroller for, and match your portability needs with that, which is especially relevant if you’re considering air travel because you may want a stroller rated for overhead luggage storage. For this reason, we focused on various degrees of portability in our list above.

Comfort & Safety

Comfort & safety are obvious considerations when purchasing any stroller. Not just for your baby, but you as well! Look for a stroller with a spacious seat, featuring a firm, reclinable backrest. As far as safety, a 5-point harness is a standard on modern strollers, so don’t settle for anything less.

For your comfort, be sure to get a stroller with handles that adjust to your height. If you’re taller, make sure the stroller can accommodate your height. You don’t want to bend down to use your stroller.


Price is a major consideration in any purchase. But even more relevant is price vs. quality. Examine the factors above, and decide the type of stroller you want. Then, decide on a price range, and choose a stroller within that price range that makes you happy.

With these factors in mind, we’re confident you can make the ultimate choice for yourself and your child!

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